Advisor AI

Advisor AI integrates information from across your business toolsets to create a single source of truth for lifecycle data — empowering better decision making. Rather than delivering yet another tool for you to manage, we provide expert human advisors to turn your data into actionable insight — saving you time and money and preventing surprises.

Truspend Advisor meticulously examines every past purchase, part by part, year after year to identify and help eliminate duplicate spending and overlapping providers.  Our advisors become your partners in optimization, helping you sort through the options, accelerate vendor consolidation, and reclaim unneeded spending .  The savings speak for themselves.

A Sample of Client Outcomes


Consolidating suppliers of Cisco from 7 to 2 saved $4M in Year 1


Firewall, IPS, & IDS vendorconsolidation led to $3.5M in savings


Eliminated $750K ofbusiness led spend on Tableau and Slack leveraging parent  Salesforce EA


Eliminated $1.75M ofredundant purchases of Microsoft and Splunk software


Consolidated Dell spending across Delldirect and 8 resellers to reclaim $4.3M


Lifecycle Advisor

Lifecycle Advisor transforms how organizations approach IT asset management.  Consolidating records from across your IT and business tools, we create a single verified database providing unprecedented clarity to your entire IT portfolio.

With advanced notice of upcoming support and software renewals from Advisor, you can do your homework up front and take charge of negotiations.  Matching asset and license consumption to existing contract entitlements in real time helps eliminate waste, capture savings, and simplify the renewal process.  

A Sample of Client Outcomes


Uncovered unused licenses in security EA to save $1.4M


Corrected the equipment list in a Cisco Smartnet renewal and saved $565K


Modified a VMware ELA and found alternatives to save $1.1M


Consolidated multiple support contracts into a single enterprise agreement saving $685K

What can Advisor
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